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1 Vulnerability Adaptation Assessment Report 2022 Download
2 Assessing Trends of Heat Waves 2018 Download
3 Climate Change Budget Code 2016 Download
4 Climate Finance Glossary 2017 Download
5 Environment Statistics of Nepal 2019 Download
6 Environmental Conditions Associated with Vector of Dengue & Corrective Actions for its prevention in Nepal 2009 Download
7 Final Report on Assessment of Effects of Climate Factors on Diarrheal Diseases at National and Sub-national Levels in Nepal Download
8 National Climate Change Impact Survey Report 2016 Download
9 Nationally Determined Contribution 2016 Download
10 Nepal Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2030 (English) Download
11 Nepal Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2030 (Nepali) Download
12 Vulnerability Adaptation Assessment Report 2022 Download